Decentralized. Fun. Secure.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop online gambling in a fully decentralized way for more fairness and security and to make the availability more simplified and fun.

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Decentralized Casino

The main goal of Promise, is to revolutionize online casinos and offer many different games decentralized. Decentralization offers our customers more security. Many online casinos abuse the rights of their customers despite verified licenses and freeze funds or cheat in other ways.

With decentralized technology this is not possible

No Deposit Theft

Deposit theft is not possible as no deposit is required to play. With the Wallet Connect feature or with a manual deposit, the funds go directly to the smart contract without Promise being directly involved.

No Rigged Games

All Promise Casino games have their own Smart Contract, so everything is publicly viewable as to how the game is set up. This transparency gives our players complete confidence when it comes to whether our games are fair.

No Identity Theft

It has often happened that centralized online casinos misuse the personal data of their players, such as credit card details. Since Promise is decentralized, Promise is not directly involved, so no personal data has to be disclosed.

No Payout Refuses

Promise can never freeze funds from its players. All games are decentralized, so Promise does not have access to customers' funds, as winnings are paid instantaneously to the linked or deposited wallet from the smart contract, without Promise being involved.


Do you want to be involved in Promise's innovation? Then our Staking Feature is just right for you! Because with our staking feature you can stake your Promise tokens, which act as shares of Promise, and also SLOT tokens, which act as an additional payment method at Promise Online Casino. Invest in staking and get daily returns.


Total Value Locked

400T Tokens

To be distributed

37,400 %

Current APY

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Optimal Gaming Experience

With the Metaverse, we offer our players an optimal gaming experience. The Metaverse allows you to build a virtual world just like it is in the physical world. So go into the Metaverse, walk around like it's a game. Go to the place where Promise Online Casino will be in the future and play as if you were going to a casino in reality.

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Interact with Other Players

Also, the metaverse allows to operate internationally in a single world with other players. Not only can you talk to other players, but you can also play with them. Sit at the poker table with other players and play with or against them.

Latest Winnings

Here you can find all latest winnings that Promise users have won.
The jackpot has not yet been paid out.
7.4655747 BNBCurrent jackpot
Time Address Bet Winning
09 Sep 21 | 11:20 0x0f38e5a97b9b28728f62a63d0abcc468c5d539a7 0.20 BNB 0.40 BNB
09 Sep 21 | 11:16 0xe6eee4d77530c1f557f41c735bd6411c7719654c 0.15 BNB 0.30 BNB
08 Sep 21 | 01:17 0x437cfe8f5c967155ed707c9ed717460206adbbb4 0.09 BNB 0.18 BNB
08 Sep 21 | 01:17 0x0f38e5a97b9b28728f62a63d0abcc468c5d539a7 0.09 BNB 0.18 BNB
08 Sep 21 | 12:41 0x437cfe8f5c967155ed707c9ed717460206adbbb4 0.04 BNB 0.08 BNB


Q2 2021

Promise Launch

Promise Launch is on 7 April 2021 with a non-modifiable smart contract.

Q2 2021

50% Token Burning

50% of the token’s total supply is burned to increase the value artificially.

Q2 2021

Website Redesign

We initiated a redesign of the Promise Website with a more responsive page.

Q2 2021

Exchange Listing

Promise Token is listed on several exchanges for marketing purposes, to boost the value and to make Promise accessible to the general public.

Q3 2021

Listing On CoinMarketCap

Promise Token is listed on CoinMarketCap for marketing purposes and to boost the value.

Q3 2021

Listing On CoinGecko

Promise Token is listed on CoinMarketCap for marketing purposes and to boost the value.

Q4 2021

Website Redesign

We initiated a redesign of the Promise Website with a more responsive page.

Q4 2021

Team Expansion

With an ever-growing community and projects we will expand our team.

Q1 2022

Launch Of Staking App

With the Staking Platform, we give our investors the opportunity to invest and increase their funds.

Q1 2022

Launch Of Web3 Casino App

Promise's actual product, which is the decentralized online casino, will be launched in early 2022.

Q2 2022

Launch Of New Casino Games

In the second quarter of 2022, we will update the decentralized online casino with more games.

Q3 2022

Charity Project

We still plan to donate a large part of the money raised to charity projects, in matters of environment, poverty and the like.

Q3 2022

Merch Launch

With our merch project we will use. 100% of the money raised to donate to charity projects.

Q4 2022

Casino App For Mobile Devices

To simplify accessibility to our decentralized online casino, we will develop an app for mobile devices.

Q4 2022

Promise Casino on Metaverse

Promise also wants to be part of the great innovation and offer the decentralized online casino on the Metaverse.

Q1 2023

Launch Of New Casino Games

In the first quarter of 2023, we will update the decentralized online casino with more games.

Q3 2023

Exchange Development For Web

Promise Token will be also exchangeable in an internal exchange against Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Q4 2023

Exchange Development For App

For mobile devices we will create another app where users can see all insights and exchange Promise Tokens from anywhere in the world.

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